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Welcome to stick death central, my hub of stick death cartoons with some great links and a few flash cartoons of my own...enjoy or die.

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site news

11/10/05: Just got Lazers up and ready. Enjoy.
6/27/05: No time for saying how long it's been since I last posted. I just did the weirdest flash cartoon I've ever done in about half an hour and it's posted in the My Stick Deaths Section. I'll admit I went a little overboard with the 7331 style talking.
3/14/05: Wow! I haven't updated in a looong time...anyways, I'm buiding onto the site and adding a section for previews, as my flash cartoons are become longer and more detailed. Go there to get a sneak peek of the flash cartoon I've been working on for so long!
11/21/04: Two new flash cartoons, one containing a cannon and the other containing...suicide...
9/21/04: I have completed a new flash cartoon, my first with a backround! Check out truckin in the my stick deaths section.
9/17/04: I have now added my stick deaths to the site. Check out the 'my stick deaths' link to see them (I only have three there so far.)

9/13/04: Site started. Check out the links page for some great cartoons of blood dripping stick deaths. Sorry, my stick deaths can't be posted on the site at the moment.


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